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In den Boule
Endless Fall
Le Lac des Génies
Ancre 1

in den boule


Endless fall

A boy climbs a mountain but when someone falls from above him the rock where he's standing starts to crack...

Ruïne Orval

Lorsque parlent les pierres

This was a school exercise in Stop-motion. Building small walls made of hundreds little stones of sand. The ruins are based on the existing ruins of Orval in Belgium.

Housing First

le lac des génies

Een arme man ziet de mogelijkheid om zijn familie snel rijk te maken dankzij mysterieuze, ethiekloze geesten, maar zijn pril geluk is maar van korte duur.

Die Neue Welt 

In 2014, I worked as 2D cut-out animator for the short movie Die Neue Welt from Tobias Pehböck. Toghether with Christoph De Hertogh we animated 33 scenes in approximately 2 months.

By Tobias Pehböck


In 2015, I worked as motion designer for an explanation short about the program Housing First who helps Homeless people in Europe. The short was made for Mutationproduction. I made the animations in approximately 3 weeks.

A man and a student meet each other at a bar in Brussels. The man has a turbulent life story to tell and the student lets his imagination run wild. The man tells about his youth, his father, his passions but also about some dangerous situations he has encountered.
Throughout the 
film the viewer is swept away into a strange mix of reality and imagination.
Street Poker is the story of an interesting, intelligent man. Just by listening to him, you would never realize that society has forgotten him. This man lives on the streets.


01-12-2015 Artikel van Cinevox over StreetPoker 

Password: DemoReelVanHoeckeN21

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